Coupes or Flutes for the Champagne Toast

There are so many fine details involved in bringing the picture perfect image of your wedding day to life. Whilst most of your attention may be focused on finding a wedding dress to fall in love with and beautiful dresses your bridesmaids can all agree on, there are many other creative elements that play their part in the visual presentation and feature at memorable moments.

The bridal bouquet is first introduced as the bride walks down the aisle and is showcased again in the bouquet toss. Champagne toasts to the bride and groom are made throughout the celebrations and again at the cake cutting. Not only do you need to decide on the particular champagne to serve but it is also important to consider the choice of coupes or flutes for toasting.

Champagne is lauded as the celebratory drink of choice for important occasions. This effervescent wine has such a prominent place in festivities it naturally has its own champagne glassware, notably the champagne flute and the champagne coupe, otherwise known as the champagne saucer. Both styles of champagne glass are universally distinctive.

Coupes or Flutes for the Champagne Toast
Lunar Oceans champagne flutes.

The champagne flute is a delicate long stemmed glass with a narrow flute-like appearance. Its design pre-dates that of the champagne coupe which became popular later. The flute is acknowledged as the perfect design for sipping champagne and many flutes have a roughened bead incorporated into the base of the glass where the champagne bubbles converge.

Coupes or Flutes for the Champagne Toast
Barwell Cut Crystal Champagne Coupe

The champagne coupe, designed in 1663, stylistically looks like a shallow saucer with a slender stem. It is a carefree and fun design, associated with lavish parties and champagne fountains. The flute is considered the more serious champagne vessel of the two as its design is considered superior in retaining the effervescent fizz of the champagne bubbles and in concentrating the aroma. The bubbles tend to lose their fizz more quickly in a champagne coupe due to the wider surface area. The wine also retains its chill for longer in a flute and is less inclined to spill. Over the years both styles of champagne glasses have their fans and detractors, with the flute winning the approval of connoisseurs due to the way it allows the bubbles to rise, and the coupe a clear winner for lavish events typified by opulent champagne fountains.

If you plan to impress your guests with a champagne fountain as a centrepiece at your wedding then champagne coupes will be your choice of vessel. Champagne saucers are skilfully arranged into a tower and the champagne is poured into the top ones and spills artfully over through the layers.

Champagne flutes and saucers are very popular gifts for weddings, particularly personalized ones with the date of the wedding etched into the glasses as an inscription. If your wedding list includes glassware you can list your personal preference for flutes or coupes, reflecting your individual approach to champagne. If you are an occasional champagne drinker and only plan to pop the bubbly at parties you may prefer champagne coupes, but if you prefer to mark intimate moments with a glass of vintage champagne you may prefer to pay homage to the wine with a flute.