Choose Milano Glassware for Superb Craftsmanship

If you appreciate the finer things in life and like to surround yourself with beautiful objects, then sophisticated glassware will be on your radar. The finest glassware is of course not only remarkable for its delicacy of design, but for its practicality. Wine goblets can not only be admired for their graceful appearance but can be used to savor your favorite wines in elegant style. European glassware, whether from Murano or Romania, is appreciated by collectors who admire the unique craftsmanship that goes into such visually aesthetic pieces and add a luxuriant air to the home when they are displayed.

Acclaimed for its resemblance to stained glass windows, Milano glassware has earned a reputation amongst collectors of fine pieces who appreciate its distinctive beauty. Milano glassware is crafted by Romanian artisans, using time-honored traditional methods. Each piece of unique 100 percent lead-free crystal glassware is individually mouth-blown before being painted by hand. As no two pieces are identical it is coveted by glassware connoisseurs who are proud to add to their collections, yet remains accessible to anyone who appreciates beautiful glassware.

Milano glassware has a particular method of production. First the piece of glassware is hand blown and then swirled in molten cobalt blue before being polished and then hand painted with colors and 24 carat gold, creating threads. A final firing of the glass preserves the distinctive Milano colors on the crystal ware. The stained glass effect refracts light in an incomparable way, making each Milano piece a treasured and coveted item. Traditionally cobalt blue was used in Milano glassware but molten black and molten platinum have been introduced respectively in the Milano Noir and the Milano Special Edition collections.

In addition to stocking ones bar shelves with Milano glassware such as brandy snifters and wine goblets, one can also opt for larger pieces such as bowls and vases, or decorative ornaments and lamps. Milano glasses make perfect wedding gifts, representing European elegance to display in the home. Over time a collection can be built to include champagne flutes, champagne coupes, cocktail glasses, old fashioned glasses, beer glasses and shot glasses. There are separate designs for red and wine glasses, alongside balloon goblets.
To compliment any Milano glassware collection the range includes whiskey decanters, pitchers and ice buckets. For ornamentation the Milano collection features candle holders, oil lamps and Christmas tree baubles.

As each piece of Milano glassware is individually crafted and painted, and imported from Romania, it tends to cost a little more than domestic glassware. However it has a timeless beauty that will grace any home with style and could appreciate in value as collectors’ items. The sophistication of each piece will become a talking point, whether it is kept in a pristine display cabinet or used for drinks at a dinner party. Each piece is durable and with care can be preserved over time by keeping out of direct sunlight and by hand washing. The colors will retain their sharp clarity over time and the crystal is designed to always refract light.

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